The Xentara InfluxDB Client v1.1
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Error Responses

InfluxDB Error Code Responses from Server

The table below shows the error codes sent by server to the InfluxDB client. This category of errors indicates that the InfluxDB client has sent the write request, the server receive it, but it could not resolve it for one of the following reasons :

Code Status Description
204 Success The request succesfully wrote the data to bucket.
400 Bad request The line protocol data in the request has bad formatting. The request has been rejected and nothing is written.
401 Unauthorized Possible problem : Token header is missing or has bad formatting, token value is missing from the header, token is not allowed to read or write the bucket.
404 Not Found Bucket or organization is missing.
413 Request entry too large The request has been rejected and nothing written.
500 Internal server error HTTP status for an error.
503 Server unavaliable Server is temporarily not available to accept requests.

More information can be found in Troubleshoot issues writing data to InfluxDB

Client Error Responses

The link bellow shows the categories of error codes that describe why the InfluxDB client faild to write the write request and could not connect to the server.

libcurl - Error Codes