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Publishing Events

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I/O Events

See also
I/O Points
Data Points in the Xentara user manual

Some events of I/O points are fired during the associated I/O operations. These include, for example, the change events for I/O attributes. Each I/O event is marked with it's relevant data directions (input and/or output). If a data point uses a particular I/O point as input and/or output, then it inherits the relevant I/O events from the I/O point. A data point that uses an input that publishes a change event for the quality attribute, for example, will automatically gain a quality event of its own, that is fired together with the input I/O point's quality event.

Change events for I/O attributes are automatically marked as I/O events. You can mark other events as input and/or output events by constructing the event using xentara::process::Event::Event(io::Directions ioDirections), and passing in the relevant data directions.