xentara-utils v1.0
Xentara utilities library
xentara::utils::threads Namespace Reference

Threading functionality. More...


class  AtomicOptional
 An atomic version of std::optional. More...
class  Notification
 A notification that can be sent to one or more threads. More...


auto toString (std::thread::id id=std::this_thread::get_id()) -> std::string
 Converts a thread ID to a string. More...
auto toString (const std::thread &thread) -> std::string
 Converts the thread ID of a thread a string. More...

Detailed Description

Threading functionality.

This namespace contains threading functionality.

Function Documentation

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auto xentara::utils::threads::toString ( const std::thread thread) -> std::string

Converts the thread ID of a thread a string.

◆ toString() [2/2]

auto xentara::utils::threads::toString ( std::thread::id  id = std::this_thread::get_id()) -> std::string

Converts a thread ID to a string.