Xentara v1.0
User Manual
JSON Format for Microservices

A JSON object describing a microservice has the following syntax:

"@Microservice.Provider.Type": {
"id": "Microservice 1",
"uuid": "f301f77a-e995-4170-a4cc-92da13f3e2e6",
"children": [

Type Descriptor
The type designation of the microservice (@Microservice.Provider.Type) consists of three parts:
  • @Microservice This part is fixed and always appears exaclty as shown.
  • Provider This is the name of the service provider that provides the microservice.
  • Type This is the actual type of the microservice.
Object Members
idA string value containing the ID of the microservice. The ID is used to construct the microservice’s primary key.
uuidA string value containing the unique UUID of the microservice.

A JSON array containing the subservices of the microservice. The types of microservices allowed as subservices depend on the specific type of the parent microservice.

Please remember that each element block requires two layers of {} due to the syntax restrictions of the JSON format.

Each individual type of microservice can have additional properties. Please refer to the documentation of the specific microservice for details.