The Xentara InfluxDB Client v1.1
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InfluxDB Open Source Time Series Database , Telegraf Open Source Server Agent.


Client is a type of Xentara microservice. The Xentara Influx Client microservice can implement one or more client instances, each connected to one or more InfluxDB servers using distinct targets. For example, a client instance can connect to an InfluxDB server directly and another instance of client connect to another server via Telegraf agent simultaneously.


Xentara InfluxDB supports 2 types of targets :

  • InfluxDB Server, the data sent by client is stored immediately to the InfluxDB database.
  • Telegraf agent, the data is redirected to an InfluxDB Server in which the agent is configured. Telegraf agent can send the data in real time to the server, use data aggregation or collect data and send them as packages at specified intervals.

InfluxDB Server Preparation

Before connecting the Xentara Influxdb Client with a target the InfluxDB Server and Telegraf agent (if selected) has to be configured in advance.

Prepare InfluxDB

Xentara Influxdb Client configuration requires 3 InfluxDB elements from the InfluxDB server:

  • Bucket defines the storage place of the data in an InfluxDB Server. Every Bucket is created with optional period limit which deletes data with older timestamps from this period.
  • Token is used to authenticate the users and give them permission to read and/or write on the InfluxDB servers within an organization.
  • Organization defines the workplace where all InfluxDB elements belong to. It allows a group of users to share dashboards, bucket and other InfluxDB functionalities.

Prepare Telegraf

If a Telegraf agent is selected as targets, the agent has to be configured in advance with the credentials of the InfluxDB server.

Client Configuration

Depending on the selected target, the Xentara InfluxDB Client requires some credentials from InfluxDB server to accomplish connection.

  • If InfluxDB is selected, the Xentara InfluxDB Client requires the URL of the server with the port, the bucket, the organization, and the token.
  • If Telegraf is selected, the only information required is the URL with the port of the Telegraf agent.

In either case, the configuration of the InfluxDB Server and Telegraf agent (if selected) has to be made in advance.

Send Request

Xentara Influxdb Client should have at least one or more sub-microservices of the WriteRequest. Client assigns the same target to all WriteRequest owns. Each WriteRequest is responsible to read the values from the datapoints, ensure that the data has a proper format and send the request to the target.