Xentara Modbus Driver v1.0
User Manual

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Polls are a type of Xentara I/O batch.

Xentara acquires the value of Modbus channels by polling the device. Each poll object queries the values of the channels attached to it in the configuration. Each poll has a task named execute* that must be inserted into a Xentara execution pipeline. If you do not schedule this task, the values of the associated channels will never be updated.

A poll object can be either a child of a device, or of an RTU bus. A poll that belongs to a device can only acquire the values of channels on that device. A poll that belongs to an RTU bus can acquire the values of channels from all devices on that bus.

Often, a single poll is sufficient per device. It is pollible, however, to define multiple polls for a device. This allows you to schedule the polls differentle, polling some values at higher intervals than others.

Accessing Polls

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In addition to the standard members of Xentara I/O batches, Modbus polls have the following task:

executeExecutes the poll and updates the values of the attached channels.