xentara-utils v1.2.1
Xentara utilities library
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xentara::utils::lockFree Namespace Reference

Lock-free algorithms. More...


class  ConditionVariable
 A notification that can be sent to one or more threads. More...
class  Pool
 A lock-free pool that manages a number of preallocator memory locations for objects. More...
class  Queue
 A lock free queue. More...


template<typename Type >
using Atomic = __opaque_atomic_lock_free_type
 An atomic that is always guaranteed to be lock free.
template<typename Type >
using PreferLockFreeAtomic = __opaque_atomic_lock_free_type
 An atomic that is lock free if supported.

Detailed Description

Lock-free algorithms.

Contains lock-free data types for use in real-time applications.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Atomic

template<typename Type >
using xentara::utils::lockFree::Atomic = typedef __opaque_atomic_lock_free_type

An atomic that is always guaranteed to be lock free.

For types for which std::atomic is lock free, this is a type alias for std::atomic<Type>. On 64-bit platforms that natively do not support lock-free 128 bit atomics, this alias provides access to a custom implementation of 128 bit lock-free atomics.

If a lock-free atomic is not available for Type, this type alias is not available. You can use PreferLockFreeAtomic to select a lock-free type if one is available, but fall back to a locking std::atomic<Type> if not.

When compiling for x64 using GCC or Clang, the compiler option “-mcx16” must be specified in order for 128 bit lock free atomics to be available. Alternatively, you can specify “-march=” with a processor architecture that supports the CMPXCHG16B instruction (“core2” or better).
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◆ PreferLockFreeAtomic

template<typename Type >
using xentara::utils::lockFree::PreferLockFreeAtomic = typedef __opaque_atomic_lock_free_type

An atomic that is lock free if supported.

This type alias is the same as Atomic<Type> if a lock-free atomic is available. Otherwise, it falls back to std::atomic<Type>. Use this type alias instead of Atomic if you want a lock-free type if possible, but do not necessarily need one.

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