Xentara v1.0
User Manual
JSON Format for I/O Batches

A JSON object describing an I/O batch has the following syntax:

"@IOBatch.Driver.Type": {
"id": "Batch 1",
"uuid": "8179650c-126b-42c9-913d-e9ad45795f42",

Type Descriptor
The type designation of the I/O batch (@IOBatch.Driver.Type) consists of three parts:
  • @IOBatch This part is fixed and always appears exaclty as shown.
  • Driver This is the name of the driver that provides the I/O batch.
  • Type This is the actual type of the I/O batch.
Object Members
idA string value containing the ID of the I/O batch. The ID is used to construct the I/O batch’s primary key.
uuidA string value containing the unique UUID of the I/O batch.

Each individual type of I/O batch can have additional properties. Please refer to the documentation of the specific I/O batch for details.