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Xentara Support and Documentation

On this page, you will find all necessary information to get you up and running with a Xentara installation.

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Xentara is a powerful and versatile platform and framework for industrial applications. Successfully building and deploying a Xentara project necessitates specific skills from the user. If you plan on integrating any kind of field bus or service connector, it is required that you have knowledge about and experience with the relevant protocol. This documentation will show you how to configure Xentara to integrate and communicate with specific services, but will not teach you the usage of the service itself.

Xentara Core Product

This is the documentation for the Xentara core product.

Xentara Skills

This is the documentation for the individual Xentara skills available as plugins.

Developer Documentation

This is the developer documentation for developers developing Xentara plugins.

Further Resources


Our Github repository is where programmers and software engineers can find code examples, templates and how-tos.

To access the documentation for the older versions of Xentara, follow this link