Xentara Modbus Driver v1.0
User Manual
JSON Format for Input Registers
See also
JSON Format for I/O Points in the Xentara user manual

A JSON object describing a input register has the following syntax:

"@IO.Modbus.InputRegister": {
"id": "Input Register 4",
"uuid": "ce30fa69-c291-4813-9cc6-b7897a2bd16a",
"address": 4,
"format": "uint16",
"poll": "Modbus Controller 4.Poll Inputs"

Object Members
idA string value containing the ID of the input register. The ID is used to construct the registers’s primary key.
uuidA string value containing the unique UUID of the input register.
addressAn integer value containing the 0-based address of the input register. Must be in the range of 0 to 65535. For multi-register data formats, this must be the address of the first register of the data.
formatA string value describing the data format of the input register. The format implicitly also specifies the number of registers to read.
pollAn optional string value describing the poll in which the input register’s current value should be queried. The string value must contain the primary key of the poll. If you do not specify a poll, the register’s current value will be unavailable.